Extetica  - Twin SystemTwin System is a machine for remodeling, contouring, re-shaping and restructuring deep layer facial and body tissue. Programs can be easily changed at any stage of the treatment. Twin System’s “elastic-metric test” device evaluates the skin’s level of elasticity and results are stored on a “Personal Memory card” which automatically determines treatment parameters and intensity.

The gentle, natural “Rhythmic Suction” and “Controlled Pressure” completely overcome the adverse effects of other pre-programmed systems. Treatment intensity can be easily modified using the ergonomic handle and different interchangeable heads are used for the face and the body.

Extetica - Twin SystemTreatments and intensity can be readily modified using the ergonomic handle. It features a “chromo-therapy” device and two adjustable sterilized “heads” for different parts of the body. The “Face” treatment attachment has a single head which can be easily sterilized. Twin System achieves truly amazing results using a pleasant, safe, relaxing and effective derma pressure.

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