Twin System

Twin System is a advanced machine designed to treat the face and body and improve skin tone and elasticity. Specific applicators have been designed to contour and smooth out face and body imperfections, drain excess fluid, reduce cellulite and perform a rhythmic massage using automatic or manual work programmes.

The face and body applicators perform a rhythmic pressure-suction action, unlike other machines of this type which operate on a suction basis. Body treatments can be carried out through either manual or automatic programs whereas all facial treatments are manual.

Lymph and Lift
Removes the toxins and improves the skin's complexion, improves the apparent look of saggy and loose skin & softens the expression lines. This treatment starts with manual exfoliation, twin system treatment and followed by ultrasonic toning & ends with mask.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

Reshape and Contour
Give your skin the smooth cellulite free look you always wanted. Reshape your thighs, flatten your abdomen, lift your buttocks, contour the love handles & be silky smooth to the touch & enjoy a reshaped and more confident you!

Firming Breast
Gentle manual exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, tightening & lifting is part of the treatment & a firming mask complements this at the end.

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage & Lymphatic Drainage
Increase your immune system by helping your body be toxin free! Experiencing the relaxing sensation of this treatment is a must! A soothing back massage and an invigorating back mask follow.

Equipment that we use:

This is one of the equipments that we will be using, read more about this device.

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