A wonderful experience, Cherie is very knowledgeable and helpful.

- Suzanne Z.

For the body you used to have and would love to have again, I would highly recommend LaPiel and the “BodySage” program! The treatment does wonders for your muscles and skin. Working out in the gym is good but does not produce these results! The ambience is relaxing – the treatment superb.

- Sandy R.

Always a pleasure. Services are always well done.

- Rhonda K.

Cherie does my Deep Pore facial better than enyone else, I ever had in my life. She does a through job. The Body Wrap experience was unbelievable, I can't believe I've lost 7.3 inches! it's a magic treatment and thanks to Cherie that she measured my body deligently. I'm so greatful to come to La Piel Through Groupon, and to know Cherie. She is knowledgable and experienced to treat my skin to make it glow.

- Julie W.

Cherie is wonderful, experienced and answered any queston I had. The results were amazing after only one session! I'll defenately be back.

- A.Chan

Excellent service, great experience..The results were great, I will defenatley be purchasing 12( if not more!).

- Julia C.

I am very greatful to have discovered La Piel. After only a few treatments my skin feels and looks fresher, simply more alive. Thank you Cherie.

- Krista S.

After reaching a millstone birthday and donot quite feeling the age I looked I felt I had to do something. My skin was sagging and the lines were getting deeper. After a few treatments with Cherie I could see a remarkable improvement in the tone and firmness of my skin. the best part was other people commented on how great I looked and had I lost weight! If you can't bear the thought of a face lift, this is the next best thing.

- Maureen G.

I am very satisfied with my treatments that I received at La Piel. I have tried other machines, but can honestly say that I have never seen the same results that I do with the La Piel Program. i would highly recommend this Clinic to anyone wishing to tone and firm their body.

- Tricia J.

My treatments were amazing, I saw results every timeI came in. it was a relaxing, beautiful experience every time. Thank you.

- Debbie G.

I am very satisfied with my treatments, each time I see results. Thanks to Cherie to help us to become younger. Thanks again!

- Nassrin G.

At Cherie's La Piel, I always feel welcomed and well-taken care of! Under Cherie's healing touch, I fall into a deep state of peace and serenity. La Piel's atmosphere and the beautiful music that Cherie plays makes me feel at ease during the treatment . My skin feels rejuvenated and fresh and the overall experience is very relaxing and tranquil. Cherie's "La Piel" is sleek and chic but in no way intimidating. For me, the location is also great because it has free parking and is just a block from Park Royal, where I do most of my shopping.

- Homa D.

I always enjoy my treatmets at LaPiel. I have received many facials and always felt rejuvenated and relaxed afterwards. Sherrie's gentle touch is very healing and soothing. I highly recommend her special care and products!

- Monika M.

One of my friend introduced Lapeil to me about 6 months a go, I have got skin care package which was 12 visit, with many different treatment , my skin is smoother , brighter and lift, I highly recommended this spa to others , the owners sherri is very nice , kind friendly , paitients , she loves her job.

- Nahid O.

I felt relaxed and very comfortable at LaPiel. The result of going to LaPiel was so good that I received numerous compliments about my skin. I, myself feel my skin softer and more fresh after attending the LaPiel Spa. I recommend it to my friends.

- Mavash S.

I love my facial treatments at La Piel, not only my skin feels smooth, fresh and rejuvenated,I always leave with an uplifted,serene and content feeling.I always look forward to my next appointment.

- Lida A.

I had a variety of treatments at La Piel,including facial,I loved it,my skin feels smooth,fresh since the treatments I get comments about my skin all the time, Cherie the owner, is always warm ,pleasent and has a very gentle touch.Her place has calm and relaxing feel to it.I would highly recommend to every body.It is going to be the best experince of your life time.

- Pari P.

I have had a variety of treatments at La Piel, including facials and hair removal. I have always found my experience at La Piel very enjoyable and relaxing. The owner, Sherri, is knowledgeable, helpful and always pleasant. I would highly recommend La Piel to others.

- Sara M.

I always have a wonderful experience at Sherry's Spa. My favorite treatment is the deep pore/detoxifying facial. I love how my face glows after!!

- Stephanie K.

I felt great when I was leaving LaPiel Spa. I also received a lot of wonderful comments about my skin and face after a few appointments with LaPiel. I also felt my skin relaxed, re-juvenated after a few sessions of LaPiel Spa. I recommend it to my friends,family, etc.

- Mavash S.

I visited la piel a month ago and lost 10 inches with the Contour Wrap, and I have kept it all off!!!! I was skeptical at first because I thought it might all be water weight and that I might gain it right back, but to my suprise it gave me that kickstart I needed and I have kept it off! I am so thrilled with the results! I feel energetic, my skin is glowing. I would suggest this treatment for anyone and everyone!

- Maria M.

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