Skin Life System

Through the combination of four technologies and several products this machine can address a range of skin care needs. The key benefits are:

In combination the components of this machine are able to provide the following unique treatments.

No-Age Plus
An intensive hyaluronic and botox based anti wrinkle treatment. Designed specifically to combat the first stages of aging.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

Bio Riv Plus
A jualuronic and hyluronic acid based treatment which rejuvenates the skin by neutralizing free radicals.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

Clear-Up Plus
Designed as an active treatment for hyperpigmentation age spots.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

Brush-Up Plus
Designed as an active treatment for acneic skin

C_Rose Plus
A vitamin C based treatment designed for couprose and sensitive skin.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

Equipment that we use:

This is one of the equipments that we will be using,
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