At La Piel we will provide you with the ultimate in Skin Rejuvenation treatments. We use the latest in technology from Europe, which you can learn more about on the Extetica page. These machines are at the forefront of aesthetic care in the world and we are proud to offer a full range of treatments, all of which are personalized for each client and provided in a private, up scale, relaxing environment.

For services specific to the face, neck and décolleté please go to Skin Life System. For Body Treatments including firming and toning please see Body Age, and for services to reshape, contour and restructure facial and body tissue see Twin System.

Skin Life System

Through the combination of four technologies and several products this machine can address a range of skin care needs. The key benefits are:

In combination the components of this machine are able to provide the following unique treatments.

No-Age Plus
An intensive hyaluronic and botox based anti wrinkle treatment. Designed specifically to combat the first stages of aging.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

Bio Riv Plus
A jualuronic and hyluronic acid based treatment which rejuvenates the skin by neutralizing free radicals.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

Clear-Up Plus
Designed as an active treatment for hyperpigmentation age spots.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

Moisturizing Touch
Moisturizing paraffin treatement and full body sea salt exfoliation followed by a relaxing 20 minutes back, neck, and shoulder massage.
$80 Exfliation Only: $30

Deluxe Back Facial Treatement
This treatement begins with a purifying balancing back treatement and adds a back and shoulder massage and a masque.

Deep Pore Facial
A through facial cleansing treatement targeting impurities, blackheads and milia. This treatement includes a biological peel, steam, extraction and a luxurious mask. Leaving your skin fresh and revitaized.

The Final Touch

Lash Tint $25       Brows Tint $20 Brows and Lash Tint $40

Brush-Up Plus
Designed as an active treatment for acneic skin

C_Rose Plus
A vitamin C based treatment designed for couprose and sensitive skin.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

A progressive, non-invasive procedure for skin resurfacing. No massage or extraction.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180
Six Treatments $600

Relaxing Massage with essential oils
Choose your own favorite essential oil from our aromatherapy selection and enjoys a relaxing back, neck, shoulder, and scalp massage.

Mini Facial with Biological Peel
A fast and quick fix up for people on the go! No extraction or massage.

Relaxing Deluxe Facial with Biological Peel
This treatement has it all! Mini back massage, a targeted treatement, facial massage and finally a soothing scalp massage.

Universal Contour Wrap
If you are looking to lose a few extra inches you could always join a gym or attempt the latest diet, but if you want instant result choose Universal Contour Wrap. We guarantee you ill lose 6" in just two hours or your second treatement is on us!

Perfect for any special occasion!

Each $170      Package of 3 $450

Twin System

Twin System is a advanced machine designed to treat the face and body and improve skin tone and elasticity. Specific applicators have been designed to contour and smooth out face and body imperfections, drain excess fluid, reduce cellulite and perform a rhythmic massage using automatic or manual work programmes.

The face and body applicators perform a rhythmic pressure-suction action, unlike other machines of this type which operate on a suction basis. Body treatments can be carried out through either manual or automatic programs whereas all facial treatments are manual.

Lymph and Lift
Removes the toxins and improves the skin's complexion, improves the apparent look of saggy and loose skin & softens the expression lines. This treatment starts with manual exfoliation, twin system treatment and followed by ultrasonic toning & ends with mask.
F/N $140 F/N/D $180

Reshape and Contour
Give your skin the smooth cellulite free look you always wanted. Reshape your thighs, flatten your abdomen, lift your buttocks, contour the love handles & be silky smooth to the touch & enjoy a reshaped and more confident you!

Firming Breast
Gentle manual exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, tightening & lifting is part of the treatment & a firming mask complements this at the end.

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage & Lymphatic Drainage
Increase your immune system by helping your body be toxin free! Experiencing the relaxing sensation of this treatment is a must! A soothing back massage and an invigorating back mask follow.

Body Age

Body Age is a fully comprehensive program which is based on scientific principles guaranteeing satisfactory results. The Body Age program concentrates on meeting the client’s specific needs; not only does the client lose weight all over, but most importantly, the program enables the client to lose weight in localized areas which cause the most problems.

Body Age is a program is comprised of five fundamental components.

Additional Services

To compliment our skin rejuvenation services we are pleased to offer two additional services:

  1. 1. Universal Contour Wrap – an amazing and unique procedure to remove toxins and create instant inch loss all over the body. We guarantee results and expect that you will see losses of 6 inches or more on your first treatment.
  2. 2. Reiki Energy Healing – a healing modality known the world over for its calming and regenerative effects which will relax you physically and emotionally.

In addition to our specialized and additional services, we offer a full range of standard aesthetic services in the way of facials, manicures, pedicures and make up application.

For details and pricing on all of our services please Contact Us. Thank you

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